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fmartialarts's Journal

Fighting Martial Arts
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Alright then This is a Fighting Martial arts Community as you can plainly see.
this place is for discussions on fighting technique and so-on so yeah
Answer these question to introduce yourself and well the rest is self explanatory
not really any rules except no stupid arguments over things that shouldnt be brought up in the first place.


What style are you in?if your into mixed martial arts, name them all( we all understand there will be alot but dont bullshit please.Example: 30 styles and if somehow you dont know that many style choose your best 3)

do you hold ranks in your style? if so what rank are you?

been in any amatuer/professional fights?

how long have you been into fighting? how did you get started?

do you fight full-contact or with protective gear?

have you had any type of weapons training?

these are pretty bs questions anyway.

This community is mainly for martial artist who like to fight and test their skills against others. Maybe you can find some new ways of fighting here or techniques who knows, only time will tell