Champions of Champions - Muay Thai

I'll be totally honest with everyone.

I work for a show called Champions of Champions Elite. It airs on G4TV. My job is basically to go around trolling message boards to get people to go to the site, or to watch the show. I'm getting kinda bored of the ol' bait and switch routine so i thought I'd tell the truth for once. Seriously, you try signing up to several hundred forums a week and see how it feels.

Is anyone here interested in Muay Thai? The show is basically just that. A bunch of guys and women wailing on each other using this particular martial art. The official site also has a contest that looks for the world's best gamer or something.

So, if you wanna check it out, go ahead. If not, ignore me, or ban me, or whatever.

If you do like it, I'd like to hear why. What do you think about Muay Thai? About the show? About our site? I'm genuinely interested in your opinion. For real. No lie.
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Awesome Fight Scene

Hey yall!

Hope that somebody actually reads this - seems like the only recent things that have been posted are spam or things that have nothing to do with the subject of martial arts...

But here, I will start honest conversation again.

What awesome fight scene left you thinking about it for days?  Like you wished you could practice and be able to do that?  I saw this scene from Karma Kula Mystic Warrior, and it was really cool.  I'm watching the rest and waiting for the next episode, which comes out tomorrow!  Can't wait!  Here are some links to watch and read about karma kula.
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Name/age/location? You can call me Andre. :)

What style are you in? Society for Creative Anachronism, Liechtenauer longsword, I.33 Sword and Buckler. (I've also done a smattering of stuff like shaolin hung gar kung fu, kendo, karate and ninjukai taijutsu).

do you hold ranks in your style? Most of my favourite martial arts are less than 40 years old (some are less than 10 yrs) and lack any kind of formal ranking system.

been in any amatuer/professional fights? Amateur only. Just for fun!

how long have you been into fighting? About 15 years.

how did you get started? It seemed like a cool thing to do at the time.

do you fight full-contact or with protective gear? Full contact with either rattan cane batons or modified shinai whilst wearing medieval personal protective equipment.

have you had any type of weapons training? Yep. That's what its all about. Longsword, broadsword, mace, halberd, spear etc.

introduction stuff

Name/age/location? Richard Skinner/23/Iraq, from California

What style are you in? I practice Battle field Proximity Combat, Shotokai, and MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program).

do you hold ranks in your style? No

been in any amatuer/professional fights? No

how long have you been into fighting? how did you get started? Whole life. Really got started when I joined the Army.

do you fight full-contact or with protective gear? Full contact, with bullet proof vests.

have you had any type of weapons training? Knife, handgun, rifle, stick.

I'm here to learn about other styles, their histories and applications. I am also interested in discussions on bushido, honor, and the various Ways of martial arts.
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Documentary Help!!

HEllo everyone.

Just recently discovered the beauty of this community on LJ. A bit about me, 22, live in Montreal Ca. Only recently started doing Shaolin Kempo. I'm at yellow belt and regret greatly that I haven't been pushed into martial arts at an earlier age. I have an amazing teacher Marlon, 4th Dan.

I'm in the VERY early stages of making a documentary about MArtial Arts. It's Simply to big to covert, it's like trying to make a Doc. about Humans. I need more direction. More information. MOre Location. More history.

So far I've decided to include Aikido, Shaolin KEmpo, WFC, Capuera, Brazilian Jujitsu, possibly Parkour/Yamakasi. I would love to know what YOU think are some of the most important Arts on this earth. Tell me in detail why you believe it's one of the top. Stories you may have, Events that may be up and coming coming, Important people. Anything you feel I should know to increase the development of this film.

All you help would be very appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi my name is Jeremy, I'm 21, and I live in Detroit,MI. I have been training for about 4 years now. I studied Traditional TKD, Hapkida,Karate. Also a bit of filpino Stick fighting, and Tai Chi. I've always wanted to study Kung Fu. I've found a school near where I live. I just want to ask for a few pointer about the training. you know what I should be looking forward to.

if you can't thanks anyway.
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New Community

There is a new Martial Arts community started August 7.  It's open to all, but specifically for Tang Soo Do practitioners and those interested in Korean Martial Arts. 

If this sounds like the community for you, please join us @: </a></font></strong></a>tang_soo_do_2

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Hi everyone. I'm new here, and just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am the on-staff translator at a Daoist martial arts center in Yunnan Province, China. You can see our website here...

We practice San Feng Tai Ji, and Wudang Gong Fu.
We love to meet other people passionate about the martial arts, so
if you're ever in China, come visit!

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Hey guys. I just spotted this community and figured I'd join for the sake of finding some likewise interested martial artists. For the sake of identification I'll put down that survey some of the other members have done:


Angel Castillo/17/Miami, Florida

What style are you in? If you're into mixed martial arts, name them all (We all understand there will be a lot but dont bullshit please. Example: 30 styles and if somehow you dont know that many style choose your best 3)

4 years of Shotokan Karate, 4 years of amateur wrestling (I consider it a martial art, why not), and have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since March. I've also been taking a few MMA classes at my jiu-jitsu school as well.

Do you hold ranks in your style?

1st kyu in karate, still a white belt in jiu-jitsu.

Been in any amateur/professional fights?

I had my first jiu-jitsu tournament this past Saturday, and have done a whole bunch of karate and wrestling tournaments.

How long have you been into fighting? How did you get started?

I've always had an interest in martial arts. My first time doing it was American Kenpo when I was in elementary school. I kinda got bored with that and quit after a year. I got serious into martial arts in 6th grade when I started training shotokan. Then when I joined the wrestling team freshman year of high school I actually got myself into some sort of decent athletic shape and became seriously interested in combat grappling.

Do you fight full-contact or with protective gear?

We always used protective gloves when sparring in karate, and in the MMA classes.

Have you had any type of weapons training?

Nope. I had a friend teach me a teeny bit of kendo, but that was it. My body is my weapon!