Skinney D (dustcollector) wrote in fmartialarts,
Skinney D

introduction stuff

Name/age/location? Richard Skinner/23/Iraq, from California

What style are you in? I practice Battle field Proximity Combat, Shotokai, and MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program).

do you hold ranks in your style? No

been in any amatuer/professional fights? No

how long have you been into fighting? how did you get started? Whole life. Really got started when I joined the Army.

do you fight full-contact or with protective gear? Full contact, with bullet proof vests.

have you had any type of weapons training? Knife, handgun, rifle, stick.

I'm here to learn about other styles, their histories and applications. I am also interested in discussions on bushido, honor, and the various Ways of martial arts.
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