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What style are you in? If you're into mixed martial arts, name them all (We all understand there will be a lot but dont bullshit please. Example: 30 styles and if somehow you dont know that many style choose your best 3)</b>

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since April. We are also doing a bit of Tai, Filo., judo, and (kick) boxing.

Do you hold ranks in your style?

White belt in jiu-jitsu. 75% of my dojo is too. Haha.

Been in any amateur/professional fights?

No. I want a good six months before I throw myself out there. I honestly don't think I can go in because I am so thin.

How long have you been into fighting? How did you get started?

I have been on and off for almost two years at a local martial art school. I stopped because of school and my mother's worry. I love jui-jitsu but since I am woman, ma feels very uncomfortable to watch me straddle a guy. I am thinking of switching to Tae Kwon Do.

I watched a lot of kung-fu movies when I was really young and never had the confidence to tell dad I wanted to learn to fight. I took some self-denfense classes but wanted more. So. I looked around and found a dojo that met twice a week. So. Why not?

Do you fight full-contact or with protective gear?

Full-contact. No shoes or anything.

Have you had any type of weapons training?

A little bit with bamboo sticks. I suck at it so much...we only use them to help our wrists.
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