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intro(from journal info page)

My name is Laura. I'm 5'5/ 5'6. I'm athletic built/ slim. Brown hair and brown eyes. This journal is just for my martial arts progress. I have a personal journal on here. The sn is martialarts4lyf. You are more welcome to comment on there if you want to get to know me more personally. ^_^

I'm in Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do. It's a ITF style. I've been in tae kwon do sense September 2001, I got my first dan black belt February 2004, and I've been an assistant instructor sense blue belt. I'm now almost one of the head instructors with my two head instructors, Master and Mrs Lightfoot. I've been an instructor and working at my dojang sense July 2004.

I love teaching. I love seeing the students progress and gain confidence and build there self-esteme. There have been several students who start out very shy and unsure of themselves, then my there second rank (gold belt) there is a dramatic change. Then, there is nothing better than seeing your student place in a tournament or achieve their black belt. ^_^

Teaching is one thing that has me so committed to tkd. The other reason is all of the positive effects it's had in my life. I'm in great physical condition and have great flexibility, plus, it's changed the way I think(made me more positive) and has given me so much confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

I love sparring and weapons. I like to sparr hard, I don't like the "tag point sparring", I like contact free sparring matches. I don't mind getting hit hard, knocked off my feet, or hit in the face....this usually leaves my whole body sore after sparring week. hehe. My fav weapons are the nunchucku(speed chuck), bo, and escrima sticks. We are going to start using the sai soon, I'm def doing that. I've been wanting to try those forever.

I guess that's it. Feel free to add me, I'll add you back. You can also IM me, email me, or comment on my other journal. I'll add you there too if you want. Talk to you lata!
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