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Martial Artsits of the World Unite!

Hello all. I'm a martial arts enthusiast, with a growing separation from his formal schooling. For the introduction:


Just call me Draco. 20 years old, and in the desert between LA and Las Vegas.

What style are you in? If your into mixed martial arts, name them all( we all understand there will be alot but dont bullshit please.Example: 30 styles and if somehow you dont know that many style choose your best 3)

I have formal training to the rank of black belt in Songham Taekwando, and a bit of training in Hapkido. But most of my training is informal street fighting, heavily influenced by Shaolin Kung Fu (I had a friend that taught me alot.)

Do you hold ranks in your style? If so what rank are you?

I think I just answered this...

Been in any amatuer/professional fights?

Held State for Nevada for a couple years. But I was in a fairly non-competitive age bracket.

How long have you been into fighting? How did you get started?

I started learning from martial arts books when I was -really- young. Actual training didn't start until approx. 10 years old, and continues to this day, even if it is informal.

Do you fight full-contact or with protective gear?

Depends on who I'm fighting with, and whether grappling is allowed.

Have you had any type of weapons training?

~points at the "sword" icon~
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